Friday, January 1, 2016

Digital review: Forest Floor, Colonies

When it comes to discovering new music, I pretty much live under a rock. Most of what I listen to is either the older stuff that's filled up my library, or whatever comes on the radio. This album, though, was a recommendation from a friend...and a remarkably good one at that.

Based out of the Seattle/Tacoma area, Colonies is an indie band whose songs manage to take a worn out genre troupe and turn it into a cohesive if not entirely fresh sound. 

Unlike most new offerings, Forest Floor clocks in at a short 36 minutes front to back. It uses every minute, though, and renders one of the few albums that you can listen to without skipping tracks.

Track listing

1. Hours
2. New Skin
3. Echoes
4. Artifacts
5. Closer Tones
6. Hidden Roads
7. All We Have
8. Brilla
9. Get Lost, Get Young
10. Soft Light

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